Introduction to African American Studies



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This course examines and explores the social, political, intellectual and cultural history of African Americans from the development of slavery to the present. Though ten weeks is absurdly too short a time to thoroughly understand the African American experience, this class will help create a learning environment that encourages appreciation of the history and culture of African Americans; teach the economic, psychological, and social situation of Blacks past and present; and explore the diversity and range of thought in the African Diaspora.



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Required Texts

Required Reading

  • Manning Marable, Let Nobody Turn Us Around, Second Edition.
  • Articles on Canvas and online


Other Requirements

  • Access to Kanopy ( You need to use your student ID or your public library card to join, it is free.
  • Access to NETFLIX for 1 film.


A-F grading

Quizzes, Discussion forums, Project/Papers and Exams:

  • Every week there will be a quiz on the lectures and films.
  • Weekly discussions. These will be in-class discussions on the weekly readings.
  • Midterm: you will create a Fact Sheet on any event, movement, era, location, community, individual or group; it is your choice, but you must check with the instructor first.
  • Final: you will create a Poster on a specific research question, thesis and/or “burning issue.”
  • “1-Minute Papers,” which is a type of “pop” quiz. These 1-minute papers will be asking you questions about the lectures or films we have just watched that day or the previous class time.



Fall 2023

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Midori Takagi

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