Videographic Essay Workshop



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This hands-on, intensive workshop introduces students to the basic skills required to begin your own videographic scholarship. Video essays are a new and emergent field in film and media studies. “The full range of digital technologies now enables film and media scholars to write using the very materials that constitute their objects of study: moving images and sounds” (

 Over five evenings, you will watch short movies by filmmakers from diverse backgrounds, times, and places and complete short formal editing projects designed specifically to teach and practice the basic skills of video editing and essaying. The workshop projects are:

1) a video pechakucha (juxtaposing video and audio clips);

2) a voiceover juxtaposition; 3) a video-epigraph (on screen moving text);

4) a split-screen composition;

and 5) an alternative trailer or a video adaptation of an article.


We will watch, and edit using, five short historical and contemporary global movies.


After the workshops, individual students have the rest of the term to make their own 5-minute video essays with instructor guidance and support. We will draw on several academic sources, including [In]Transition, “the first peer-reviewed academic journal of videographic film and moving image studies.”



Summer 2022

Course Instructor

Niall O'Murchu