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“We run when we’re scared, we run when we’re ecstatic, we run away from our problems, and run around for a good time.” Christopher McDougall

Running has a long and vast cultural history, that is diverse, varied, and cross cultural. This course will lightly explore our human history of running. We will look at this through a variety of lenses; through science, anthropology, and our personal experience of our own running. This class will have an experiential component of committing to a variety of running times and distances that each student will customize according to their needs and journaling and reflecting on one’s experience and learning as we run in our class and on our own solo runs. We will cover a wide range of literature that covers both the science of running and the rich cross cultural history of running. Most importantly we will share our learning through discussions and reflections. A large part of running is learning to listen to our bodies, learning to take really good care of our selves, and reflecting on our running meditation. This will include stretching, shoes
appropriate to you, and adequate dietary needs while running. Essentially running enables us to come into a deeper intimacy with our physical reality.




“Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall and “Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiosity Elastic Limits of Human Performance.” by Alex Hutchinson. Also an assorted collection of journal articles to be determined.



Summer 2022

Course Instructor

Scot Nichols