Holocaust Film



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Subject: This course focuses on cinematic treatments of the Holocaust and complex surrounding the representation of the Holocaust. The course highlights the representation of the plight of the victims, including acts of courage and resistance, and the role of perpetrators and bystanders. The course explores the role of films in shaping public awareness of the Holocaust, and the extent to which cinematic "kitsch" and the voyeurism of uninformed audiences around the world have adulterated public memory of the Holocaust. The range of film materials to be explored include primary film documents, archival films, propaganda films, documentary, fictional, and other representations of the events. Also offered as INTL 338.

Credit/Evaluation: Evaluation will take account of required regular attendance, evidence of critical reading, engagement in class discussion, the quality of short reactions, and two assignments.

Text: HOLLYWOOD AND THE HOLOCAUST, by Gonshak, Henry, (2015)


FAIR 201A or ENG 101 or INTL 201.


Summer 2022

Course Instructor

Babafemi Akinrinade