Leading through Social Change



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Modality: Remote-Synchronous

Time: MW 12-2:20pm

Utilizing the Social Change Model of Leadership (Komives & Wagner, 2009) and theories of transformational, shared and collaborative leadership, this course will engage students in dialogue about engaging in social change as a change agent by understanding the root cause of problems and issues within their communities. Komives and Wagner (2009) highlight the importance of socially responsible leadership practices that address positions of power and privilege through exploration of individual, group, and society values. Using this foundation, this course includes a focus on topics such as creating a shared vision, systems-thinking, change management, organizational development, aspects of emergent strategy, community based problem-solving, nonhierarchical leadership, and assessment using current events and issues to explore how these concepts are demonstrated in the world around us.

Credit/Evaluation Regular attendance and participation

Assignments: Individual Reflective Papers based on Social Change Model "Leader" Profile Case Study Research, Paper, and Presentation Readings Selected articles and excerpts via Canvas from: Komives & Wagner (2009) Leadership for a Better World Brown (2017) Emergent Strategy Kotter (2007) Leading Change Stroh (2015) Systems Thinking for Social Change Abrams (2018) Leading from the Outside: How to Build your Future and Make Real Change


FAIR 203a or equivalent


Summer 2021
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