Grant Writing Workshop



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Focuses on the basics of grant writing, including researching and seeking funding sources; reading and interpreting funding guidelines; developing and refining proposals, and tricks of the trade. Development of individual grant proposal required. Do you think of writing grants as begging for money? Do you have fears around money? This workshop will help you think of grant writing in a different way. Learning to prepare a good proposal allows you to help granting agencies find a way to spend the dollars they are required to spend to meet their own missions, either legislative or for tax related. You need the money. They need to spend it. Your challenge is to find a match between your need and theirs, and to persuasively articulate that match. In this workshop you will learn the basics of writing proposals to funding agencies, including how to find appropriate funding sources, how to read and interpret funding guidelines, funding restrictions, the steps for developing and refining proposals, including the budget. It is highly recommended you have identified a project and/or an agency before the course begins. Texts and Materials: 1.Tori O'Neal WINNING GRANTS STEP BY STEP, 2013 fourth ed. 2.Cheryl A. Clarke Storytelling for Grantseekers 2009 3.Levine ONLINE: Guide to Writing a Funding Proposal, S. Joseph Levine at Michigan State University 4. Canvas: other assigned readings: various web sources, documents and worksheets. Credit/Evaluation: Participants will be expected to develop a grant request (LOI) and a full grant proposal to a foundation or other source of funding by the end of the course. These proposals might be directed toward funding your own work, or might be related to the work of a community non-profit agency. Attendance is critical. Evaluation will be based on participation in class writing exercises on a regular basis, the quality of feedback given in peer reviews, and the quality of the final proposals. I keep a log on attendance, participation, and required writing.


Summer 2021