Textile Surface Design Lab



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MODALITY: Hybrid 6 weeks

TIME: MW 10-11:20 (sync remote) + F 9 – 11:50 (F2F Studio)

            OR MWF 10-11:50 (sync/async remote)


DESCRIPTION: This course is for students interested in working on self-determined textile projects in a supported studio environment. The lab will assist student artists in making a plan, sourcing materials and supplies, developing needed skills, and carrying out their individual work with instructor facilitation and peer feedback. 


During the six-week session, students will:

  • Define their project for the quarter and make consistent progress towards completing it
  • Expand their skillset by experimenting with new ideas, techniques, and materials
  • Keep an annotated process journal to record samples, research notes, process, and project progression
  • Build dedicated studio work habits, visual voice, and creative confidence
  • Expand what they know, and share what they discover

Various surface design artists, techniques and materials will be presented throughout the course, based upon the current quarter’s theme (Summer 2021: Text and Textiles), but the focus will remain on student's progress towards their own projects and goals.


As WWU summer quarter modalities allow, course meetings will be held twice during the week (sync), with one in-person studio day each week. If unable to attend the in-person studio days, please contact the instructor before the first Friday of the quarter to work out an alternative plan.


FAIR 202a or equivalent


Summer 2021
Course Instructor