Writing & Transition Conference



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Formerly offered as FAIR 305A

Please note: this course meets weekly throughout the quarter on Fridays, 11-12:20pm

This course, which is required of all Fairhaven College students as part of the Interdisciplinary Core Curriculum, serves as an opportunity for students to cultivate a collection of their academic writing to reflect on their skills and abilities that contribute to their overall studies. Additionally, this course facilitates connections between students and their faculty to further explore their educational plans to successfully move towards their concentrated and focused studies within their major. As such, this course serves as a prerequisite for FAIR 303A, The Concentration Seminar, for those students pursuing an Interdisciplinary Concentration. Supporting students in the transition from general studies to focused studies

The Fairhaven College Learning Outcomes facilitated in this class: >Develop a writing portfolio of academic level writing >Explore their own writing to determine their strengths and weaknesses for further development >Engage in dialogue with faculty and students in their area of interest to further develop their academic plan


Fall 2021
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