Introduction to Pro Tools



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Intro to Pro Tools builds off knowledge gained in the Intro to Audio course regarding the use of basic audio recording equipment, such as mixing consoles, compressors, equalizers, and other outboard processors. Students will take this knowledge and apply it to the digital realm while learning the specifics of recording audio and MIDI, editing, and mixing using Avid's Pro Tools software. Covered topics will include importing and recording audio into Pro Tools, editing and manipulating performances, MIDI, the use of plug-ins, and an overview of mixing processes such as compression/limiting and equalization. Students will be expected to attend class regularly and demonstrate critical listening skills through critique of their classmates' work. Additionally, the Fairhaven Mixing Suite, Fairhaven Recording Studio, and the Miller Hall computer lab will be available for use all quarter to allow access to the Pro Tools software. Students are will be required to utilize these facilities in order to complete their assignments and demonstrate competency in using professional studio equipment.

Texts: Online materials.

Credit/Evaluation: Projects will be evaluated throughout the quarter by the instructor.



Fall 2021
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