The United States Legal System



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An in-depth look at the U.S. legal system and how it affects individuals and society, with coverage of legal vocabulary, sources of law, the structure of the government, the Supreme Court and the judicial system. Case analysis skills will be stressed, including identifying the issue, procedural history, facts, reasoning and holding of each case. Students will also engage in a mock trial and write a legal memorandum. This class (or PLSC 311) is required for the Law, Diversity and Justice concentration (major) and minor. It serves as a foundational course for anyone interested in learning about law in the U.S.

Minimum Requirements to receive Credit: 1) Students must complete and submit on time five (5) case briefs or more 2) Prepare and participate in the mock trial 3) Complete and submit on time all writing exercises 4) Prepare and submit on time the assigned legal memorandum 5) Regular attendance to class -No more than THREE absences allowed 6) Class participation - Answer questions presented either prompted by instructor or other students, participate in small group discussion, demonstrate participation in group projects, and participate in case discussion

Required Books: Edited casebook by Professor - Available from Bookstore A Practical Guide to Legal Writing and Legal Method - Sixth Edition. John C. Dernbach, et al. ISBN: 9781454880813 Any Legal Dictionary


Fall 2021
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