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Course Description: As global citizens, what do we know and understand about global issues and ourselves in a world faced with complex issues, such as, growing economic disparities, fragile democracies, environmental degradation, wars and militarism, civil liberties, racial profiling, and globalization? How do we become intelligently informed? What is our awareness of and participation in local and global efforts for positive social change? This course explores the complex dynamics of our globalized world from a holistic, inter-disciplinary, and transnational perspective. Together we examine multiple world issues, such as global inequality and poverty, food security, human rights, water, energy, population growth, migration, cultural change, and public health, and of our individual and community roles as agents of social change on local and global levels. This course is connected to the Wednesday World Issues Forum speaker series.

ext/Readings: TBA

Credit/Evaluation: Attendance (required); preparation for class; respectful, engaged participation in class; reading and speaker reflections; a final summary essay, and a social justice action. There will be no course credit for anyone who misses three (3) classes in the quarter.


Fall 2021
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