An Introduction to Interdisciplinary Study At Fairhaven College



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This class aims to introduce students to Fairhaven College resources, practices, processes, and possibilities in their first quarter of enrollment in our program. Our class activities will include small group workshops, introductions to Fairhaven resources and people, community-based activities, and individual advising. We will introduce the educational practices used at Fairhaven (Writing Portfolio; Transition Conference; Independent Study, Interdisciplinary Concentration, Narrative Evaluations, etc.) and share the essentials you need to proceed toward your chosen major and take charge of your education.

Texts: There are no textbooks. Course materials provided in class and on Canvas.

Credit/Evaluation: This course part of the Fairhaven College Core Curriculum and is a graduation requirement. Award of credit will be based on documented attendance, participation, and completion of assignments as indicated in the class syllabus. Bring your curiosity, your questions, and your active engagement. The learning outcomes for FAIR 101a include understanding resources, degree pathways, requirements, and pedagogy that are the mission and practice at Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies.


Fall 2021
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