Confronting Immigration Law: From Racist History to Current Activism


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America’s immigration laws were founded on racism since the First Congress, and these foundations continue to shape federal immigration policy today. Join us to discuss the racial history of immigration law and current federal immigration policy. Take a step further to understand how these federal laws impact all of us in Washington, and what the immigrant justice movement and state and local law makers have done to fight back against the federal government’s cruel and misguided immigration policy, in order to uphold and expand the rights of immigrants. 

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Enoka Herat, Immigration Law & Police Practice Attorney, ACLU of Washington




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Enoka Herat is the Police Practices and Immigration Counsel for the ACLU of Washington, where she leads the ACLU-WA’s work on ending local law enforcement collaboration with the deportation pipeline, and reducing police violence across our state through state legislation and local advocacy. She is an alumna of Wesleyan University and the University of Washington School of Law. Enoka is the child of Sri Lankan immigrants and lives in Seattle with her husband and two children.