The African Union and the Crisis of Unconstitutional Changes of Government.

Dr. Eki Yemisi Omorogbe in a white blouse

This talk focuses on the African Union (AU) treaties and policies which outlaw unconstitutional changes of government. It asks whether given the recent spate of coups in the African region, those treaties and policies enable adequate responses and whether an African-region specific crime and criminal court is required.

Speaker Name

Dr. Eki Yemisi Omorogbe




Speaker Bio

Dr. Eki Yemisi Omorogbe lectures at the University of Leicester, England. She carries out leading research in international law, focusing on the treaties and policies of the African Union in relation to peace and security. Her work has been published in leading journals.

E. Y. Omorogbe, 'A Club of Incumbents? The African Union and Coups D'états' (2011) 44 Vand. J. Transnat'l L. 123;
E. Y. Omorogbe, 'Introductory Note to Communiqués (1001(2021)), (1030(2021)), and (1062(2022)) Regarding the Re-Emergence of Coups D'état in West Africa’ (2022) 61(6) International Legal Materials 977