Adventure Learning Grant 2019-2020


Zoom meeting:


Raquel Diego “Food Heritage in Post-colonial Latin America: Indigenous Heritage, Community Health, and Cultural Preservation.”

I visited Mexico, but the original plan was also to visit Colombia 

Emma FitzGerrell, "The Politics of Midwifery in Mexico and Peru"

Emma FitzGerrell observed births and midwifery classes on the border in El Paso, TX, moved to meet midwives and attend the Zapatista Women’s Conference in Southern Mexico, and participated in a doula training with a Peruvian anthropologist and trainee midwife in the Sacred Valley of Peru. 

Emma Owens, “A Country Divided: Examining Education in India”

I traveled throughout India. My focus was on alternative education which led me across the country connecting with different organizations, communities, schools, and programs, which opened my eyes to the incredible diversity and fullness of learning! The Grant helped me to expand my conception of education and asked me to dismantle my prior beliefs about what schooling is and what it should be to make way for an abundance of possibility.

Gus Wimberger, “When Things Don't Go as Planned: A Field Study”

During my grant, I traveled through Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile and Argentina. I originally planned to explore themes of aid, imperialism and power in Bolivia, but political crises kept me from spending time as I had planned. I ended up focusing on various movements and protests against state violence and austerity. By spending time in different cities and countries, I was able to make many transnational connections that I continue to recognize with time and distance how the Grant experience impacts my present life.


Speaker Name

Raquel Diego, Emma Fitzgerall, Emma Owens & Gus Wimberger